Somatotype Theory - Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph Body Type

To understand the connection between body types and personality has always been the curiosity of both scientists and psychologist alike. In the case of bridging the two concepts to bring forth some understanding in a sense a grading system the physician and psychologist William Sheldon developed The Somatotype Theory. Basically what this theory means is that different body types are characteristics of certain personalities. And in that Sheldon concluded that these classifications or fundamental elements i.e. somatotypes are common within our society. Through the study of the embryo he was able to give names to his somatotypes as with the development of the embryo placing much emphasis on the germ layers of this development:

Ectomorph - Endoderm
This is known to develop into the digestive tact which consists of the intestine, stomach. Heart lungs etc. this somatotype is also the innermost layer of the embryo. The personality traits associated with the endoderm body type is tolerance, love, comfort. In a word all the emotions that have to deal with a great deal of affection. The body type is considered to be fat and can easily be overweight. The love for people and the intimate relationship with food is also another trait of this personality.

Mesomorph - Mesoderm
This is the middle layer which in turn develops into the muscle, blood vessels, bone etc. In terms of body shape with this type of somatotype, Sheldon concluded that the physic of this body is all about muscle. These are well defined muscle tones. In terms of personality this relates to very energetic, courageous, active, aggressive, etc. all this can be seen as the personality of the Alpha male.

Endomorph - Ectoderm
This is naturally the last layer. It has its association or develops are that it forms the nervous system, skin and hair. These are people that are considered to be underweight because they are so slim. They are often the intelligent nerds and their personality traits are that highly self-aware therefore they are also very sensitive with an air of an artistic nature to them. In a way they are society’s introverts because of their shy and timid nature.

It is clear that Sheldon’s discovery and theory has been applicable in determining a whole lot of new theories as to why people are and how the body and the personality are interlinked. However his theory is not in so much use as much research has been done that shows the flaws to this theory. But it cannot be disputed that is has been a climbing ladder to societal group understanding.
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