Weight Loss Motivation

The world is realizing that placing emphasis on personal health is essential in prolonging and sustaining ones own life. That is why it is important to place your eye on the price.
With serious diseases and illnesses like heart attacks and cholesterol threatening to overthrow society, it is important then to find the motivation and dedication you need to lose weight. Loosing weight is not as easy as taking a couple of capsules and then watching the weight slide off. It is about being proactive.

The key to this being proactive is finding the right kind of motivation. This means answering the right question with all honesty. Why do you want to lose weight? By writing the answer to this question down will be in a sense engraving it into your sub-conscious. This will help you become more dedicated in your goal. It is not easy to find the motivation, but you do have to understand the reality of loosing weight. Most people would rather not think of this, but those that do are always finding it easier to keep to their dieting goals.

You need to understand that dieting should not be seen as a one time off thing. It is a process. Remember it took you time to gain the weight and thus it will take time to get it off. Be realistic. Make your long term goal and then break it into short term goals. It takes one day at a time.

The other thing that will help keep you motivated and dedicated is to keep a picture diary. This way you can put in your weight information when you start and at the end of the week you get pictures taken so as to see the results and change. Be patient. The long term goal should be motivation enough, but when temptation starts remember the reason why you decided to take up this challenge. And if you make it social it can be fun. Do the things you have always wanted like dancing, walking or whatever that will constitute as an exercise? Make it a fun challenge that will keep you motivated and dedicated.

Remember it does indeed take one day at a time. Start off at a gradient and boost your motivation by being good to yourself. You deserve to be happy so itís your responsibility to make that happen. The rewards will make it all worth while. Writing inspirational notes for you is also very helpful. When temptation knocks on your door acknowledge it and find a way to over-come it. Your motivation should be, no thing that does not talk will defeat you.
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