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Here at you will find a dedicated resource to help you accomplish your goals. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, and even learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle GainLose will walk you through developing the patterns required in putting together healthy eating plans and a sensible fitness routine. We are the team behind you, supporting your goals and providing you the information you need to reach your weight loss or weight gain goals!

If you are serious about putting a healthy eating plans together, browse through and read our articles to see the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats required to reach your goals. Believe it or not you need to eat to lose weight, and carbs are a big part of reaching your goals. Your body needs fuel to gain weight just as it needs the right amount of fuel to lose weight. If you do it wrong you can be losing muscle mass and not the stubborn fat you want or need to lose.

Eating right is a big part of what you need to lose weight and put lean muscle mass on, but it is not the only part.
Another portion you will need to incorporate in your tools needed to reach your weight loss / weight gain goal is working out with weights and cardio equipment. We offer tutorials on how to put your work out routines together as well as the best time of day to perform cardio and weight training.

See how you can put the most effective weight training tips together giving your work outs the impact you want. Learn what kind of routines work best for weight loss verses muscle growth. If you still have the myth going in your mind that you wonít lose weight by weight training your wrong... weight training with a proper cardio routine will have you shedding the pounds faster the cardio alone. By stimulating your muscles you will keep them growing and drawing fuel from protein while your body uses the fat for fuel.

Most people visit our site for a better understanding of why itís important to lose weight and even a few to see how they can gain weight. GainLose is unique in that we try and cater to all types of people. Including people most often over looked, the type of person that wants to maintain what they have through healthy eating and proper training routines involving weights and cardio equipment.

If you are over weight you know why it is important for you to lose weight. The following are just a few things you will gain through a proper weight loss program:

- Quality of life increases through weight loss
- Blood pressure is lowered when proper diet and exercise is maintained.
- Risk of heart attacks are reduced
- Cholesterol levels are lowered, reducing the risks of hear disease

The opposite of the weight loss problem is someone who wants to or needs to gain weight. The following is just a few things you will gain from following a proper diet and exercise program designed to help you put on lean muscle mass:

- Increased self esteem
- Strength to compete in physical activity
- Achieve the look you have always wanted
- Better over all health and self image

No matter what your goal is, be it losing weight, gaining weight, or learning how to follow a healthy eating and fitness plan we are here to help you every step of the way! Even if youíre not over weight you need to follow a sensible diet and fitness plans to ensure a long healthy life.

As with all the things we recommend you decide on a plan of action to lose the weight or gain muscle by putting together what you feel will work best and then consulting with your doctor before starting the plan of attack. Your doctor can review your plan to gain weight or lean muscle mass and ensure it is right for you. Alternatively they may even have a few suggestions to help you achieve your weight loss or gain goals in a quicker time frame.

Be smart and set realistic weight goal. If you are planning to lose weight plan on 1-2 pounds a week and expect to stall part way through it when you have lost the easy to lose fat. It is not unusual to shed weight at a rapid pace then nothing for a couple of weeks and then only lose small amounts from that point forward. Keep this in mind and you wonít let your self get upset over it.

If your planning to put on the muscle realize that you have to push your self hard in the gym as well as eating many calories to increase your size. If you donít follow a safe routine and take breaks as suggested you could lose muscle mass because of a lack of fuel. Taking breaks give your muscles time to heal keep this in mind and you will put on the lean muscle mass you want!

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